Kondalilla National Park
Let’s share the happiness with native creatures!

The name of “Kondalilla National Park” comes from an Australian aboriginal word for running water, so it is not difficult to understand that the main attraction of this park is “Skenes Creek” which is the 90-meter waterfall. The Kondalilla National Park locates approximately 100 km north of Brisbane, near Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The park including subtropical rainforest is also a home for 107 bird species and the rare Pouched Frog. There are many spots for travellers or photographers to explore as well. For example, “Picnic Creek circuit” is an excellent area for family to have picnics. Moreover, if you are a hiker who likes challenges, “Rock Pools walk” may also be your good choice! In brief, there are so many appealing points for people to visit this national park and let’s enjoy this blog now! 

AddressKondalilla National ParkMontville QLD 4560
Phone75459 6110
Opening Time07:00-18:00
Public Transport
Take train to "Nambour Station" and transfer Bus 890 to " Mapleton Montville Rd at Kondalilla Falls Road ", and then walk 10 min to the destination.
Distance4.7 km
Duration2.5 hours

This is the simple version map of Kondalilla National Park. Access is easiest by road from Flaxton, east of the park. There is a large picnic area where there are toilet facilities (non potable water) and there are two tracks which lead to the upper falls swimming hole. A longer circuit track will take you to the bottom pool which is not suitable for swimming. Moreover, there is only one entrance and a car park for approximate 40 cars.

You can see some information about this park on broads which assists you to be familiar with here at the entrance.

This day, I went to this national park with members of QUT Hiking. We expected the tour will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. The stating time was around 8:45 and we just couldn’t wait to see the beautiful views and waterfalls. Let’s go!

There are some lookouts and resting places which are surrounded by natural environments and relaxing atmosphere.

Sometimes you can meet the special geography, plants, trees and so on.

Actually, the difficulty level of the path is not really high. You can walk on the clear routes or even stairs to the destinations. You will only pass through the rock paths near the last part of the route which is closed to waterfalls. Moreover, elder people or children are also possibly seen by you during the hiking process. Therefore, I believe that the safety is reliable for tourists.

We were almost there! Some branches of waterfalls imply the destination is not far away!

We spent around 90 minutes to the most famous waterfall area. All of our tiredness disappears at the moment that we saw the incredible view. The natural environment with comfortable sounds and visual beauty is so amazing, gorgeous, and unforgettable. The most awesome feeling and memory were that we finished one thing together and shared the happiness with each other!

It was time to say goodbye! The view captured at the last lookout.

It was so great to meet these lovely friends who love nature and hiking and I appreciated the safety and success of this tour. Hope I can explore more surprising attractions and share more experience of traveling in Australia to all of you!


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  3. I like hiking since my childhood. To my mind, this is the best way to relax, to be closer to nature. Unfortunately, now, I don't have time for it.

  4. Hiking, in my opinion, is one of the best active leisures you can imagine. It is cool and allows you to see the true beauty of nature.

  5. National park of stunning beauty. Incredible views, beautiful waterfall and vegetation. These are amazing sights that you shared with us. Thanks for this post.


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