North Stradbroke IslandThe Wonderland of Brisbane

When you discuss about Brisbane with your friends, “Gold Coast” and “Sunshine Coast” may be a part of your conversations. However, there are still many amazing beaches, coasts, or even islands near Brisbane. North Stradbroke Island, also known as Straddie, locates at 30 km southeast of Brisbane, Queensland and it is the second largest sand island in the world. The island is about 38 km long and 11 km wide. Access is by ferry from Cleveland, Brisbane across Moreton Bay.

There are three main townships in North Stradbroke Island, including Dunwich, Amity Point and Point Lookout with approximately 2500 permanent population. The island’s unique, timeless beauty is appreciated by all who live there and visit the island. It is also an ideal holiday destination for families, groups of friends and day trippers, the island is famous for its scenic headlands, rolling surf and endless white sandy beaches.

Next, I am going to share some interesting stories and my travel experience in this island with my friends from China, Hong Kong, and Japan!

The red frame shows the location of North Stradbroke Island, the destination of the trip this time.

How can I arrive North Stradbroke Island?

You can take train to “Cleveland” station first and then transfer Bus 258 to the Cleveland Port which supplies ferries to North Stradbroke Island (The name of bus stop: Emmett Drive at Toondah Harbour Ferry). Next, I am going to explain how can you” go to the island from Cleveland Port” and the “public transport in Straddie”.

The bus stop of Cleveland train station is just near the exit and you may only walk around 1 min to see it.

Cleveland Port

First, there are two types of ferry tickets to North Stradbroke Island, including “Water Taxi” and “Vehicle Ferry”. The point that you should notice is that “Go Card” is unacceptable, you can only use “credit cards” or “cash” to buy ferry tickets at the port office. Moreover, you can only buy “return ticket” but not “one-way ticket”. The price and relevant details are attached below:

The price means the” two-way (return) ticket” but not “one-way ticket”

In brief, “Water Taxi” is convenient, saves time (only 25 min to island), and cooperates with public transport systems in North Stradbroke Island, and supplies the concession price for students, senior people and so on. This ticket is suitable for backpackers or tourists who need to take island buses and don’t want to waste too much time.

On the other hand, “Vehicle Ferry” doesn’t have advantages mentioned above. The only advantage is cheaper. However, if you need to drive your own cars to the island, you have to buy this ticket. In conclusion, if you don’t have to travel there with your vehicles, the “Water Taxi” ticket is what I will recommend to tourists.

Second, the public transport in the island is only bus and the tickets can also not be paid by go card (cash only!) because it doesn’t belong TransLink company. However, you can only buy “one-way ticket” when you take island buses. The price detail is demonstrated in the photo above.

After you understand the difference between these public transports and the price, another thing that you may want to know is the timetable of ferry and island bus. This photo shows the details about it:

This is the timetable of ferry and “Dunwich” is the name of North Stradbroke Island’s port. Bus marks mean that you can take island buses directly after you get off the ferry (Water Taxi).

This is the timetable of island buses, “Dunwich”, “Amity Point”, and “Point Lookout” are three main tourism areas in North Stradbroke Island.

Note 1: If you want to enter the island with your personal vehicles, the delivery fee is necessary and it is listed here: click here to understand more.
Note 2: If you lose your ferry tickets, you can still buy tickets on the ferries or buses.

Because the bus tickets can only be paid by cash and there are many tourists in this island (especially in summer). I personal recommend you can arrive bus stops as early as possible.

After understanding the transport methods, I am going to introduce three main tourism areas, including “Dunwich”, “Amity Point”, and “Point Lookout”. Let’s enjoy the island trip!

Although North Stradbroke Island is just an “island”, it is still pretty large and most areas are undeveloped natural environments. The map can be downloaded here: Click it.


This is the township with Dunwich Port, so you will absolutely arrive to this area when you travel to this island. However, although there are some restaurants or hotels here, it is also the smallest township of the island. Moreover, it may be not really popular for travellers because most of tourists come here for exploring more attractions or spots inland. Therefore, I also recommend every tourist can travel in “Amity Point”, and “Point Lookout” first.

AddressNorth Stradbroke Island, Dunwich, Queensland
Phone07-3821 0266 or 1300 303 766
Public ToiletYesBradbury Beach & Adams Beach
BathroomYesBradbury Beach & Adams Beach
Car Parkapproximate 50 parking spaces

The waiting space of Dunwich Port

The bus stop of Dunwich just locates near the exit of the port

Point Lookout

It is the most famous and popular area in this island where you can enjoy amazing views and natural environments, beautiful beaches, water activities such as snorkeling, diving, canoeing, and delicious food at special restaurants. Sometimes you can also meet wild kangaroos jumping on the streets surprisingly!

AddressNorth Stradbroke Island, Point Lookout, Queensland
Phone07-3821 0266 or 1300 303 766
Public ToiletYes
Car Parkapproximate 100 parking spaces

The bus termination of North Stradbroke Island locates in Point Lookout

There is a small park near the Point Lookout bus termination where you can sometimes meet kangaroos.

Point Lookout Beach Resort” was the hotel that we chose this time. The surroundings including public swimming pool, facilities such as cookers or fridge, and boss are all pretty awesome! The most important point is that the price is cheap!! Thanks for the wonderful rooms for us!

This is my favourite spot of North Stradbroke Island, South Gorge. You can easily find this classic attraction from various travel magazines or books. Besides the excellent water quality and beach, you can also enjoy the amazing landform surrounding here. Please make sure you don’t have other schedules after visiting here because you will not want to leave.  

We unexpectedly met a marriage held at this place which was just like movie scenes

The longest beach of Straddie, Main Beach, locates near South Gorge. Compare with Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast, it is more natural and not packed for you to release whole pressures!

Next, we went to “The North Gorge Walk” next to South Gorge. Although it sounds like a tough hiking path, the total length is just 1 km and everyone can walk on this path to see the magnificent views and ocean easily.

When you walk on the route of The North Gorge Walk, you can see “North Gorge Point Lookout”, the super famous landmark of North Stradbroke Island where you can also enjoy the spectacular view of our amazing earth.

I travelled with friends from China, Hong Kong, and Japan this time, but I am wondering if you can really recognize that where are we from by this picture? haha

In summary, “Main Beach”, “South Gorge”, “The North Gorge Walk”, and “North Gorge Point Lookout” are all amazing and excellent attractions that I will recommend to you!

Amity Point

This is the second large tourism area of Straddie where you can go camping, fishing and see wild koalas and dolphins. Therefore, it supplies different spaces for tourists who have different hobbies. Moreover, Australian family prefer to visit this area rather than others because it is more convenient and safer for kids playing here.    

AddressNorth Stradbroke Island, Amity Point, Queensland
Phone07-3821 0266 or 1300 303 766
Public ToiletYes
Car Parkapproximate 50 parking spaces

Amity Point’s beach is not as large as other beaches of North Stradbroke Island. However, the water quality is still great and the sea condition is safer and more stable for kids to enjoy it.

Access closed, but…

I just don’t care?! Haha

Because Amity Point faces the western direction, tourists can see the sunset in this area as well.

We were so lucky to see two dolphins swimming under the bridge.

Finally, we just enjoyed our last time with these kids and finished our two-day trip. North Stradbroke Island is a really comfortable island for tourists to explore and relax. If I have free time, I would still choose this island for traveling in the future! Thanks for the wonderful travel memory here!

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