Eat StreetAustralian night market for foodies

Do you sometimes have no idea about night activities in Brisbane? Are you a person who likes to try various kinds of fresh and delicious food? Let me share some experience of visiting the night market in Brisbane for you. I am an international student from Taiwan, so I know night markets are quite common and popular in Asian countries. However, there are still some excellent night markets or events in Brisbane. “Eat Street Markets” is one of these markets which includes lots of vendors selling different kinds of products or food such as seafood, dessert, fried delicacies, flowers, clothes, creative stuffs, or even daily commodities. In brief, you can almost buy whatever you want in this night market and it is definitely a good place for people to visit and enjoy the food trip at night.

AddressEat Street Markets, MacArthur Avenue, Hamilton QLD
Phone07 3358 2500
Opening Time
Friday, Saturday 4:00pm - 10:00pm
Sunday 11:00am - 3:00pm
TicketAUD$ 2 (Cash Only)
Public TransportTake bus 300 to ” Racecourse Rd at Hamilton Central, stop 20” and walk around 10 min or take train to “Doomben” station and walk around 15 min.
Car Park500 free spaces

This day, I went to “Portside Fresh N Wild Fish” to have a dinner with friends from Taiwan and Hong Kong before we went to Eat Street Markets. You can find many comments about seafood of this restaurant on the internet. Although it may not be the perfect choice when you compare it with other seafood restaurant in Australia, it is still a good seafood restaurant that locates near Brisbane city.

Then, of course, we went to Eat Street Markets and enjoy our foodies’ night. There is one thing that I want to remind readers which is you have to pay AUD$2 for an entry ticket per person in CASH ONLY.

There are numerous food vendors in night markets and some of them establish their stores in containers which is really fresh for me because this design is not common in my country. Moreover, the night market is decorated with many bulbs or light which make here brighter and more comfortable for people going shopping and eating.

There is a large public eating area in the central part of Eat Street Markets where people can enjoy their food or drinks.

Besides the central part, there are also many chairs or benches put on the walking paths of night market where people can also take a rest or have their food.

Some street artists would perform at the market as well. What a funny singer haha

Besides food, Eat Street Markets also supplies public toilets and ATMs for people to enjoy their nights without worries.

Finally, we just finished our foodie night here and I felt pretty glad to experience Australian night market culture with these friends. If you would like to travel in Brisbane and embrace the interesting experience of night market, just come to “Eat Street Markets”. Enjoy it!

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  1. I guess, I am not the only person, who likes street food so much. Most of people would say, that this is harmful, but, I would say, that it is delicious.


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