Byron BayThe easternmost area of Australia

Many tourists would choose “Gold Coast” or “Sunshine Coast” to be their travel destinations when they come to Queensland, Australia. However, there is still a classic attraction named “Byron Bay” which is the easternmost area of Australia near two big cities, Brisbane and Gold Coast. You can see the lighthouse, national park, or even a beach which was elected as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This day, I went to Byron Bay with my friends for experiencing the first sunrise of Australia and also visited the border which name is “Point Danger” between New South Wales and Queensland. Next, just enjoy the article and this trip together!

Cape Byron Lighthouse

Cape Byron Lighthouse is the easternmost lighthouse of Australia and the best place to see the sunrise. Although the opening time of the lane to the lighthouse is 8:00, you can still enter this area by walking. Many tourists or magazines would call here as the place where you must visit in Australia because of its amazing view and special location that benefits the travel meaning or achievements for people. It is quite easy to understand that people always like somewhere which is the most remarkable to be their travel destination.

AddressLighthouse Rd, Byron Bay NSW 2481
Phone(02) 6685 5955
Opening Time9:30–16:30
Closing DayChristmas Day
Public TransportNone, you can only come here by driving or other methods
Car Parkonly approximately 10 spaces near the lighthouse, other spaces locate at farther place. Vehicles AUD$8 ; Motorcycles AUD$4
WebsiteClick Here

The introduction map is erected near the entrance which illustrates the basic information such as entry fees. The only thing that I would like to remind readers is that you had better come here earlier than 6:00 if you want a close parking place because there are so many people coming here for seeing the sunrise.

We departed from Brisbane at 4:00 and spent around 2 hours to Byron Bay. We checked the sunrise time was 6:30, but we still saw some beautiful colours above horizon after we arrived.

The lighthouse locates in a towering landform and the railings are erected next to the border of road. It means you should be careful when it is still dark. There are also some patrolmen would supervise inappropriate behaviours. So, just take care of your own safety!

Next, of course, we moved to the lighthouse. Although it was just around 6:00, there were many people already waiting here for the sunrise. What a popular attraction!

Finally, we saw the sunrise successfully and I just can’t describe my feelings completely. It was so great for me and gave me lots of energy and power honestly.

After the sun rose, the sea, buildings, or landforms all appeared. You can also go to the “real” easternmost “point” by walking through the paths near lighthouse. I believe it is quite impressive for you to experience the moment.

We finished our trip by taking a picture with lighthouse.

Point Danger Light (Tweed Heads)

Next, we went to “Point Danger”, the border between New South Wales and Queensland, Australia, before backed to Brisbane. The most famous landmark of Point Danger is “Point Danger Light”, also known as “Captain Cook Memorial Light”. It commemorates the bicentennial of Captain Cook's first voyage to east coast of Australia in the 18 century. Besides these historical meanings, it is also a great spot for people to go surfing, enjoy the view, or have a food to spend holidays.

AddressCaptain Cook Memorial, Tweed Heads, New South Wales
Opening TimeNo limit
Closing DayNone
Public TransportTake train to “Varsity Lakes Train Station” and transfer bus 760 to “Griffith St at Coolangatta East”, then walk around 15 min. On the other hand, if you depart from “Gold Coast Airport”, just take bus 700/760 to “Griffith St at Coolangatta East” and then walk around 15 min.
Car Parkapproximate 50 free spaces
WebsiteClick Here

This is the main landmark of this area, Point Danger Light, locates at the park.

You can also find some cafés or restaurants to enjoy food in Point Danger.

Wishing Well

There are some lookout points at the park next to the beach where you can see the magnificent view and enjoy the amazing atmosphere. I have been in Australian for several months and I know there are numerous gorgeous coasts or beaches in this country. However, I am still not tired of these beautiful views but try to explore more fresh and surprising spots in Australia enthusiastically.

Many tourists or local people just walk along the coast and enjoy this wonderful environment.

There is a globe which shows Australia’s position under the Point Danger Light that has the marks of North, East, West, and South. Also, it is a line shows the border between New South Wales and Queensland on the ground.

After this trip, we went to “Springbrook National Park” which will be written in other article. Thanks for your reading and good bye, Byron Bay and Point Danger!

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